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Baker and Associates SoftwareExecutive Summary

Currently available for Microsoft Access 2003. Because we have so many systems, they have been split into two categories: Those that are used by Municipalities alone, and those that can be used by anyone. The table below lists all of the available programs. The rest of the page gives more details on each system. Clicking on a Program name will bring you down to its section in the Details part of this web page.





General Systems

General Ledger






Accounts Payable






School/Remote Payable






Accounts Receivable






Cash Receipts






Records Management






Asset Management












Human Resources






Municipal Systems

Machinery Control






Municipal Tax Manager






Property Management






911 List






Animal Control






Fire Watch






Water Management






Cemetery Manager







Baker and Associates System HighlightsSystem Highlights

  • No third party licence fees
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Most report writers are designed to work with our software
  • Designed for single-user and networks
  • Available for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and 2003
  • Conversions from current data usually available
  • Complete Microsoft Windows functionality
  • Standardized formats (Report headers/footers, dates...)
  • The ability to email reports in pdf format to multiple email addresses one person at a time has been added
  • Most reports are preview-to-screen
  • Print graphs, pie/bar charts
  • Step-by-step wizards for complicated processes
  • Data access and entry limited to pull-down lists for decreased operator entry and increased data integrity
  • Record sorting, searching, and filtering by field
  • Multi-field search screens
  • Data export for transfer to external systems
  • Data archiving
  • Label


General Applications


General Ledger & Budget Baker and Associates GL Brochure Baker and Associates GL PDF Baker and Associates GL Help Site Baker and Associates GL Help Files

Baker and Associates General Ledger

The hub of our accounting software

  • Direct interface to all other systems
  • Flexible account structure
  • Account controls - type, tax/rebate code, responsibility level, retired
  • Fast switching between non-archived years on the Account Detail screen
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Comprehensive Bank Reconciliation (bank statement balancing, not just returned cheques)
  • Powerful reporting capabilities (sort by, include/exclude, subtotal control, summaries only)
  • Four level Budget with quick transfers
  • Budget account memos
  • Budget worksheets
  • Auditor's report/file



Accounts Payable

Keeps track of all your vendors, bills and cheques

  • Purchase Order entry for account budget commitments
  • 'On the fly' new vendor creation (expanded vendor code - 6 alphanumeric characters)
  • Vendor defaults (terms, posting account and bill description for fast bill entry)
  • Vendor payment terms to automatically suggest payment due date
  • Daily bill entry
  • Prints to the new standardized cheque format
  • Pay bills with either cheque or credit card
  • Bill description as well as distribution description
  • Account over-budget warning
  • Tax override/adjustment control
  • Pay by due date control
  • Indefinite 'HOLD' status on bills to be paid
  • 'Quick cheque' processing (pay single vendor's bill(s) on demand)
  • 'Manual cheque' processing
  • Cheque voiding



Remote Accounting  

Restricted Accounts Payable and more for remote sites

  • Purchase Order entry and register with restricted account access
  • Vendor inquiry (view only)
  • Packing Slips entry
  • Account budget status report (restricted accounts)
  • Leave Entry for the Payroll



Accounts Receivable  

With invoicing and interest capabilities

  • 'On the fly' new client creation
  • Invoice batch entry/print
  • Tax override/adjustment control
  • 'Quick invoice' processing
  • Aged Inquiry/Trial Balance
  • Interest calculation
  • Statement print



Cash Receipts

Links several of our various billing systems like property taxes, water bills, and sale of dog tags, and cemetery plots

  • Single form interface to all receivable systems including General Ledger for general receipts
  • Secure cashier control
  • Flexible end-of-day, deposit processing
  • Bank receipt processing (Bankline)
  • Bulk receipts
  • Postdated cheque management
  • Multiple payment types can be entered on a single receipt (i.e. General, A/R, Water, Cemetery, Animal, ...)
  • Multiple payment methods per receipt (i.e. Interac, credit card, cash and cheque)
  • 'Account Short (Quick) List' for general receipt account selection
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plans: Monthly, Due Date, and Arrears.



Records Management

Organize your paper files.

  • Document tracking, what/where/when
  • Allows multiple categories per document
  • Document retention
  • File folder labels
  • Expired file destruction approval routine
  • Keywords and a powerful search screen for quickly locating files



Asset Management  

Stores which employees have been issued what equipment like pagers, credit cards, office keys, and more.

  • Keep track of who has an office key, vehicle, badge, clip board, or other equipment
  • Print a list of issued assets for when employees leave
  • Track the maintenance and service schedules of vehicles that are used outside of Public Works
  • Daily notification of how many vehicle will soon require some kind of service
  • Print a list of vehicle service that should be completed soon including those that are overdue




Used to pay employees

  • User defined groups, schedules, earnings, deductions
  • Employees with multiple occupations
  • Overtime and vacation accrual
  • Multiple bank accounts for direct deposits
  • 100% G/L and H/R integration
  • Payslip messages by employee, group and/or pay run
  • Detailed payroll history with payslip reprint
  • Pay calculation preview from time-input
  • Salary grids
  • Statutory holiday pay
  • Multi-year retroactive pay calculation
  • Deferred income plan
  • T4 print with access to CRA's T4 EFile
  • ROE preparation with access to HRSDC's ROE WEB



Human Resources  

Maintains employee data

  • Store personnel data and statistics
  • Track performance appraisals
  • Track training certificates earned and courses attended
  • Ontario College of Teachers training lookup
  • Monitor employee leave with a yearly calendar view
  • Leave Entry is integrated with Payroll
  • Track leave balances
  • Employee Status Sheet
  • ONSIS - M.E.N. Reporting and updating with Ministry data
  • Proposed school staffing



Municipal Applications



Helps you estimate the true value of your equipment

  • Equipment usage (revenue) distribution and tracking
  • Aids in project costing
  • Ongoing maintenance scheduling for Public Works machines



Municipal Taxes

Property Tax billing system.

  • Complete MPAC data import (including 10-5-5 capping), with current codes and descriptions
  • Name and address changes export to MPAC
  • Comprehensive inquiry screen
  • Pre-authorized Payment Plans (Monthly, Due Date, Arrears)
  • Property Registrations
  • Supplementary/Cancellations/Assessment Review Board decisions (with ability to process prior years)
  • 'Small Amount' write-off processing
  • Ability to reprint single tax bill weeks/months after billing
  • User-defined 'Notice of Arrears' for current and three years of arrears with ability to set a minimum amount owing to print
  • Step-by-step Billing Wizard with extensive reports and summaries for easy balancing
  • Batch or single tax certificate print with individual memo area
  • Unlimited number of user defined 'Other' charges



Property Management

Track and issue building permits

  • Direct interface to properties in Municipal Tax system
  • Building permits tracking with access to scanned original documents
  • Print Statistics Canada reports
  • Bylaw complaints, Zoning amendments, Committee of Adjustment decisions
  • Track inspectors, inspections, and contractors
  • Permit data export to MPAC electronically
  • Schedule inspections
  • Track lot grading



911 Addresses

Maintain a list of addresses for 911 services

  • Direct interface to properties in Municipal Tax system
  • Allows more than one address per roll
  • Allows you to use your own location format for each property instead of having to use MPAC's format



Animal Control

Tracks dog tags and other charges

  • New animal data entry from Cash Receipt module
  • Tag report by location
  • Issue notices for dogs that had a tag last year but have not yet renewed
  • Notices can also be sent out to all dog owners as a friendly reminder that new dog tags will be required for the new year



Fire Watch

Fire hall incident/equipment tracking system

  • Incident maintenance and reporting according to the Office of the Fire Marshall codes and procedures
  • Personnel tracking (Incidents attended, training history, course expiry)
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Equipment tracking
  • Ontario Fire Code lookup/maintenance
  • Import incident data from Dispatch
  • 5 in 5 and 10 in 10 reports
  • Monthly, quarter and annual reports



Water Billing

Prints water bills and tracks payments and interest

  • Direct interface to properties in Municipal Tax system
  • Has been designed to be similar to our Municipal Tax system to make learning the new system easier
  • Can handle properties that are outside of your municipality
  • Data from meter reader units can be imported



Cemetery Manager

Tracks plots and deeds for municipally owned cemeteries

  • Adheres to Canada's Cemetery Act and resolutions
  • Prints Deeds and Interment contracts
  • Can handle more than one interment per plot
  • Track maintenance and other work done for each plot
  • Print financial and other reports to be submitted to the Registrar
  • Register transfers and disinterments with ease
  • The Abandoned Plots Report can let you reclaim plots
  • This is a highly focused system that does just what you need it to do without the clutter
  • Linked to the Cash Receipts system


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