Machinery Control

Years ago, the Ministry of Transportation required reports of machinery use based on their rates. They no longer request it, but many municipalities liked the idea of keeping track of vehicle usage as well as the amount of money it would cost to rent the equipment. This allows the municipal officers to figure out how worthwhile the purchase of a certain vehicle has been as compared to its required repairs and maintenance. It can point you in the right direction when considering purchasing a second unit, replacing the existing one, repairing the one you have, or simply disposing of it. These dollar values are shipped to the General Ledger, so the Municipal staff have an easy way to access the data.

Main Features

Keep track of individual machines

Each machine gets assigned a default rate and General Ledger account

Enter Time Cards for each machine

View past time cards for each machine

Track machine usage in hours and dollar amounts

Entered time cards get their totals sent to the machines' General Ledger account

Equipment maintenance scheduling

Linked to payroll by job code