Fire Watch

Are you spending too much on Fire Services? Should more funds be added to the budget for Fire Prevention programs? How well are your fire fighters trained? How can you tell? Our system tracks detailed information about each incident and fire fighter and uses it to generate several reports. The Fire Watch contains 10-in-10, medical calls, ambulance chasing, and host station rollout times reports that let you know how effective your fire department is. There is also an extensive training sessions tracking and reporting section that will warn the Fire Department's office staff when staff training is overdue and when vehicle and equipment maintenance is needed. The Fire Watch gives you the big picture.

Main Features

Incident tracking according to OFM codes and procedures

Export to email to the OFM

Personnel tracking including hazardous material exposure

Personnel training sessions

10-in-10 reports

Vehicle maintenance

Equipment tracking

Flu shot tracking

Fire Code lookup/maintenance

Inspection monitoring for fire prevention programs

Yearly statistical reports