Cemetery Manager

Baker and Associates' Cemetery Manager is a fairly simple system that is useful to track what you need to know about each plot and about each cemetery in general. While adhering to Canada's Cemetery Act and resolutions, not too many extras were put into this system. In this way, the Cemetery Manager was kept small and fast. Tools that would ever only be used once that would require much set up and maintenance were skipped. This system was not filled with vague tools that never get used. Like all of our software, we built this system to give you what you need without having to charge more due to the inclusion of essentially useless features.

Main Features

Allows a plot to be used more than once

Print Interment Rights Certificates and Contracts

Track maintenance and other work done for each plot

Print financial and other reports to be submitted to the Registrar

Register transfers and disinterments with ease

Create a coded price list to store the default prices of products and services

Use pull down lists to select data thus avoiding typos

The Abandoned Plots Report can let you reclaim plots