Asset Management

While the Machinery Control system does its job well for keeping track of the amount of use municipally owned machines like backhoes and graders get, it was not quite enough. Other assets exist of which municipalities need to keep track. Similar to the Machinery Control system, this Asset Management system keeps track of vehicles owned as well as their upcoming service and service history. Company cars and trucks get their service tracked in the Asset Management system. But even more assets need to be tracked. Other items, like credit cards, tape measures, pagers, badges, digital cameras, office keys, etc. need to be returned when the employee leaves. This system lets you track all that and more.

Main Features

Track machinery maintenance and repairs

Menu has a warning message showing upcoming and overdue maintenance

Keep track of items and tools that have been issued to employees

Set up which inventory items to track

Determine your own categories for classifying inventory items

Use the same list of vehicles from the Machinery system

Print a Service History list for each machine