Records Management System

Many people have to track documents, and some documents have time limits for how long they must be kept. This Records Management System (RMS) lets everyone track down a file or document. When needed, the clerk can log in to administrative mode at any workstation and do the restricted tasks like purging destroyed files and data cleanup. As the number of files grows, locating a particular file becomes difficult. Our Search Files form/report has been designed to facilitate these searches. Multiple levels of destruction walk you through the destruction approval process. Our RMS has also been designed to be similar to other RMS programs, so any training received is still applicable. 

Main Features

Defaults to user mode

Enter a password to go into Administrator's mode

Track files and documents

Powerful search form/report

Linked to Property Management's Permits, Bylaw Complaints, Development Apps, and Committee of Adjust.

Find files quickly with a multiple keyword search

Check a list of files to approve for destruction and that are ready for destruction

Purge destroyed files

Restore a batch of destroyed files