Cash Receipts

All of our receivable systems: water, taxes, animal, accounts receivable, and general receipts, have been integrated into one place. Customers and property owners can pay off more than one item at a time. As well, they can use more than one payment method. They can use any combination of cash, cheque, credit card, Interac, etc., or they can use a postdated cheque. They can also sign up for a pre-authorized payment plan. Each day, a deposit can be made up simply by going through the End-of-day wizard. Of course, this can be run as many times as required at any point in your day.

Main Features

Three Pre-Authorized Payment Plan wizards for preparing, requesting, and recalculating payments

Integrated with our water, taxes, animal, accounts receivable, and general ledger

Receive bulk payments for property taxes or water bills

Accept cash, cheques, Interac, visa, post-dated cheques, etc.

Print a receipt when needed

Accept multiple payment types at one time

Receipt view and adjustment screen
End-of-day wizard