911 List

There is problem with printing a list of rolls from a tax system and calling it a 911 list. Many properties have more than one entrance and both must be included on the 911 list. For example, golf courses or ski resorts usually have a service entrance as well as their main entrance. Our 911 system can handle multiple addresses per roll. As a municipality grows, this list can become outdated quickly, so keeping one master, like this system, can make things easier. 

Other key features to this small system are its ability to track the streets, their access points and their new names which change as amalgamations occur and towns grow.

Main Features

Stores one or more address for each roll number

Direct interface to the Municipal Tax Manager system

Tracks a listing of the municipal street and highway names including aliases and new names

Stores street access points

Municipal Addresses Report

Differences between 911 List and Municipal Tax Manager Data Report

Quick update button to bring the Municipal Tax Manager data up to the latest 911 list changes