Water Management

Our water system was designed to be intuitive. The consistent screen design and easy to read reports make the water system simple to use. Though it is linked to our Municipal Tax Manager, properties outside your municipal boundaries can be billed as well. Like the Municipal Tax Manager, water clients can sign up for pre-authorized payment plans which get processed through the Cash Receipts system. To aid the reading of water meters, this program has water reading report based on service areas which can be downloaded to a water meter reading 'gun.' Importing the reading from the 'gun' is a simple task too. Basically, this system was made to be easy to use.

Main Features

Pre-Authorized Payment

Bill other municipality's rolls

Metered, Flat, Percentage, and Special Flat rates

Water arrears transfer to taxes

Flexible billing schedule

Notices of water arrears

Import and export data to a water reading 'gun'

Can handle a variety of different water billing methods

Water Certificates available in both this and our Municipal Tax Manager system