Animal Control

Many municipalities have bylaws requiring the control of animals usually by way of the sale of tags. While most tags sold are for dogs, some bylaws include other pets. The Animal Control system can handle them all. Simply add in more charges as required.

When it comes to animal control, the main problem is enforcement. This system has a route report that will list all dogs for a chosen area of town which is sorted in such a way that the officer can easily go up one side of the street and down the other. These areas are easy to set up and be assigned streets. If your city has a bylaw requiring the control of animals, this system was built for you.

Main Features

Stores all dog tags and statistics

Can be used for animals other than dogs

Charges can be set up which get used by Cash Receipts

Set up areas for the bylaw officer's walking report

Assign streets to the areas

Set up a walking route for a bylaw officer to go door to door with an up to date list by area

Print an owner list for a user specified year

Print a tag list for a user specified year