Baker and Associates News

Baker and Associates News

Parking Violations (2008/09/09)

  • Our new parking ticket system is now available.

Emailing PDF Files (2008/02/14)

  • Our programs have now been upgraded with a new PDF tool that will let you easily email any report using our own email client

General Ledger (2007/04/19)

  • Easy switching between the current year and previous fiscal years that have not yet been archived

Human Resources System (2007/04/04)

  • ONSIS - M.E.N. Reporting and updating with Ministry data
  • Proposed school staffing

Main Menu (2007/03/26)

  • The ability to email reports in pdf format to multiple email addresses one person at a time has been added

Accounts Payable (2007/03/20)

  • A new Outstanding Bills form was created, so a list of bills, that have a bill date on or before a specified date that also have a cheque issued date after that date (or have not yet been paid), can be printed
  • Standardized regular cheques and quick cheques can now be tracked using their cheque serial number

Cemetery Management (2007/03/14)

  • Added online help now that the Cemetery system is linked to the Cash Receipts program

Currently accepting résumés

  • Check out our careers page to see if we have a position for you.