About Baker and Associates

Company Profile

  • Baker and Associates is a wholly Canadian owned company established in 1982.
  • A Sudbury, Ontario based full-service software company.
  • Excellent reputation in the Local Government and School Board marketplace.
  • System integrator and value added vendor of multi-user information processing systems.
  • Supplies a strong support organization.
  • Knowledgeable support staff.

So, where have we been and what have we been doing?

Since the early eighties we have prided ourselves in providing excellent support to a small group of municipalities, school boards and various other businesses. Our clients were, running software designed in the seventies using rather cumbersome and restrictive technologies. Over time, this software had become difficult and time consuming to service and could not take advantage of the many advances in the computer industry. Baker and Associates realized that with today's demands of timelines and information access, our customers were barely getting what they needed. With old knowledge and new tools our goal had changed from maintaining 'dead-end' software to writing new systems in conjunction with our current group of clients. Our design philosophy has become to create software systems that would not only provide our customers with what they require, but also, have the ability to easily change and grow.

Over the past few years we at Baker and Associates have been designing systems and are gradually replacing outdated software at current client sites. As our software is ready, our company is ready to grow; we are now prepared to take on new partnerships with other municipalities and school boards. We are offering these systems to new clients looking for a software solution, which will provide them with service for many years to come.

Baker and Associates didn't reinvent the wheel, we just made it rounder.

Company objectives

  • Develop specific application software solutions for the target market.
  • Integrate industry-standard hardware, operating systems, and office products to multi-user and stand-alone systems.
  • Provide software, customization, maintenance, education, consulting and after sales support.
  • All software products are totally integrated in order to minimize duplicate effort and redundant data entry.

Support policy

  • In most cases, the resolution of software related problems is provided at the time of the client call. In the event that immediate attention is not possible as a result of unforeseen circumstances, we strive to provide the necessary support as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on a 95% record for immediate action in regard to this area of service.
  • Appropriate scheduling of client support is always a priority.

Design Philosophy

  • The software is designed by our experienced team of professionals who work with large and small organizations who provide us with practical insight into their needs. We respond with the software products to meet those needs.
  • All software products are totally integrated in order to minimize duplicate effort and redundant data entry.
  • All software is thoroughly tested before it is released to the market.