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Imagine software that meets your demands.


We at Baker and Associates are there when you need usBaker and Associates is proud to announce that our financial software systems are ready for installation including the new Parking Violations system. Check them out on our software page. From that page, you can access our help pages that will let you browse through our systems. As well, from this site you can view our brochures online for several of our products.

No one enjoys paying money for software only to be charged extra for third party licence fees. You deserve better than that. Check us out. With Baker and Associates, you are not charged any annual licence fees by other software vendors.


Imagine software that meets your demands.  Experience Baker software.Save time and money by making your office more productive.  Get the information you need more easily and faster through the use of our You can do more with Baker and Associates' softwarecustomized systems. Why pay way too much for software that cannot be altered to suit your needs? Reduce your employees stress by giving them the tools they need.


You deserve a break. Relax over a cup of coffee.Get away from old hard to use software

Baker and Associates is a Sudbury, Ontario based software company, established in 1982, with an excellent reputation in the local government and school board marketplace. We specialize in developing, customizing and supporting specific useful application software for our clients.


Baker and Associates is a name you can trust. Choose Baker and Associates because you are worth it.


Updated: 2008/09/09

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