Baker and Associates Support

Web Site

  • Provides 24 hr help
  • Access to application updates
  • View upcoming developments
  • Access to brochures
  • Questions/requests

Software License Fee

  • One time charge for server and each additional user
  • Basic support is included in the purchase price for the first 12 months after installation

Annual Support/Development Fee

  • The client must provide and is responsible for: a regular data backup, a modem or high speed Internet connection with pcAnywhere communication software for Remote Desktop Protocol (for remote access)
  • Single annual bill for easier budgeting
  • Finders fee - one additional user support credit for each new installed system, to appear on the following years' support bill (annual support could be free)


  • Support Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST
  • 24 hour access to technical section of our web site for system and help file updates
  • All minor software enhancements at no charge
  • Errors/bugs within our software
  • Occasional inquiries (if cannot be found in Online Help)
  • Annual MPAC property data conversion
  • MPAC codes and descriptions updates

Not Included

  • Major software enhancements (legislation changes, new version releases - major enhancements, etc.)
  • 'On-site' software maintenance, development, training
  • Telephone training
  • Hardware issues (setup, malfunctions, networking, configuration changes, and incompatibilities)
  • Operating System issues
  • Software modifications, considered by Baker and Associates not to be a system enhancement or beneficial to others
  • Time repairing data caused by an unreported software error/bug
  • Data conversions other than annual MPAC property data conversion