Municipal Tax Manager

Our Municipal Tax Manager is an easy to use property taxes billing system. The Tax Master form gives you a quick overview of how much each property owner owes as well as general information about the roll taken from the MPAC SAS file. You will have the ability to print Tax Certificates, Notices of Arrears, standardized final tax bill, and Tax Profiles. There are also several wizards to walk you through the large tasks that only get done once in a while such as Interest, Billing, SAS File updates, and Year End. Property owners who own more than one roll can have them bulked together simplifying their tax payment in Cash Receipts. 

Main Features

Pre-Authorized Payment

MPAC data import

User defined notices of arrears

Property Registrations

MPAC name and address list

Standardized Final Bills

Supplementary, ARB, and Cancellation processing

Reprint single tax bills at will

Step-by-step billing wizard

Unlimited number of user defined Other charges

Special transactions not subjected to interest