Accounts Receivable

Being able to get the money owed to you is important. Our Accounts Receivable system is integrated with our Cash Receipts system allowing for invoices to be paid off in part or in full. You get to specify how much of which items have been paid off unlike the Tax Manager that must pay off amounts owing in a specific order. It lets you write off amounts too. The power is yours. Then you can get an Aged Trial Balance for your own records, or print the Outstanding Invoices report that can be sent to the client. Both contain similar information, but they have different uses. Finally, the Client Master interface has been designed to be similar to forms in the Tax Manager, but also to resemble the Accounts Payable screens. Consistency throughout our systems is the key.

Main Features

Client Inquiry section built similar to the Municipal Taxes and Water systems

Print and reprint Invoices

Charge interest on overdue invoices using a wizard

Aged Trial Balance which gives a quick overview of severity of the outstanding invoices

The Items table stores products and services that get added to invoices

Invoices with nothing left owing will be set to complete by the Bank Reconciliation program in the GL

Cash receipts against invoices can be distributed manually