Accounts Payable

As with many things in life, you have to know just where you stand. The General Ledger lets you know just that and more. There is a four level budget program which has the ability to track budget amounts by month allowing for a more precise Income Statement. The Bank Reconciliation is more than a cheque cancellation form; it allows you to balance to your bank statement. Our transaction lookup by date or batch can help you track down questionable data. With our General Ledger, you will always know where you stand. At the heart of the General Ledger system is a powerful reporting systems which allows you to include/exclude accounts based on several criteria.

Main Features

Flexible account structure

Budget system allows for monthly allocations

Archive the previous year when finished with the auditor

Auditor's report/file

Transaction lookup by date or by batch number

Four level budget with quick transfers and percent increases

Direct interface with other Baker and Associates systems

Revised budget control

Budget account memos

Financial Reports